Go to extremes!!

You know, this past week was an interesting week. I opened myself in way, that afterwards, I stopped to think and poundered if I did the right thing. I mean, whether being myself and expresse my feelings and thoughts are really the right thing to do. I know we should be reserved, but I just don’t feel myself like this. However, I tend to lose track of things… like the song says: “why do I go to extremes?”

I put myself in such awkward situations that the only who suffers afterwards it is me. Oh boy! Maybe a piece of me is missing or maybe I don’t face the fact of some situations!! I just don’t know!!

Whatever is the reason, the thing is that I need to control myself a bit more, and love and only care about the ones that have some consideration for me.

Life can be just a big mess soemtimes, but we just need to around the storm, to see the rays of sun!!


Life as it is…

There is one thing that I keep question myself: when do we know that we found the right person? I tend to think that we make the right person, and there isn’t a perfect person, but then you get involved in a relationship, and along the way you see yourself falling for someone which you don’t know much about it, but you wish you would know. Then, does that mean we stopped loving the person we are with?

But the feeling of not following our instincts means that we just settled for what we have and we are afraid to start all over again without taking chances? Is this normal? does this sound pathetic or the least sad? I mean, how do we get to the bottom of this?

Then, I keep saying why do we have to make things so complicated? however, should we “sell” ourselves for less?

Nuclear explosion

Yesterday, I was thinking how life is this big nuclear explosion. At one point nothing happens or we are having a great time, then sundelly this big wave of energy comes and messes all around. Sometimes you have time to prepare yourself or you are on safe grounds where you are not reached, but sometimes you are left with no ground!

Life is not easy at all, and we all know that, but does it have to be so complicated?? Damn, at one moment we are fine and all, but it takes one feeling, one person or something, to change the direction of it.


Well, I am much more into christmas this year than last year, I guess because I am settled in my hometown again. Anyway, I was wondering why people just have the feeling of charity during christmas. Why can’t we have this feeling all year long? why do we have to wait for a special day to say we are good people or that we care for people?? Think about: it is mother’s day, father’s day, teacher’s day, and many other days that the market came up with which make us get away from the true meaning of these dates. 

I guess we should celebrate life everyday and be thankful for what we have and for the people around us. Also, we should help people everyday. I wonder where we are going to get this way. 

Anyway, I hope all of us have that beautiful feeling of caring for others everyday in our lives.

HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS….no matter what is your religion backgroud or beliefs.. It is the good energy and feelings that counts. 🙂


Well, soon I will be getting old! some people don’t enjoy that, but I enjoy every single minute.  I guess our birthday is a important day, so it should be celebrated it and enjoy it, but I understand those who doesn’t like to get old or celebrate.  Sometimes I catch myself thinking that I will turn 35!!! Damn, time sure does fly fast!!  The good thing is that I enjoy every single day of my life, and each year I realize that we can’t waste our time with bullshit or people who doesn’t deserve it. We have to live a happy life and do the things we want to do, so when we get old we’ll won’t have any regrets.

Life is great and God has been so good to me!! I am very thankful for everything!


You know, there is one thing I don’t get about relationships: do people love nowadays?? I mean, we say we want someone, but the give-in part it looks like it’s left out. I believe that relationships a two-way road. Of course, it is not easy, but helloooo life isn’t easy!!! I guess people forget we need to communicate, to give in a little, talk a lot and respect each other. I know sex is important and individuality as well, even thought sex is not everything and we can’t be too egocentric too! I really don’t know where the world started to go wrong, but I guess we should think about where we are going!

Peace and love!!


I was thinking today, how religion can help you or make you go crazy. There are so many rules, so many things to think about it, but I guess up to that it is ok. However, when we get afraid of doing anything because we might go to hell or something like that, that’s when I don’t know. Living becomes unbearable if we stop to think and look around, because there are so many things happening, influences, crazy ideas and etc. Living today is really difficult if we try to live by our religion.